La Michard in Vogue Paris

14 October 2019

La Michard, the new parisian it-bag View full report on vogue.com : https://www.vogue.fr/mode/article/sac-amelie-pichard-bagette-pain-michard-parisienne

Amélie Pichard refuses to follow the fashion industry’s rules

17 July 2018

“With a new diffusion line under her belt, the Parisienne refuses to conform to the fashion industry by not hosting any sales. Instead, she launched her own version of Depop, where you can buy a pair of secondhand shoes/bags or make a listing for your dream item. Seeing that she marches to the beat of her own drum, Amélie Pichard is the designer who is ready to transform the fashion industry.”
galoremag.com, July 16th 2018

New film Temps Libre

12 March 2018

«Je voulais parler de cette femme d’affaires qui bosse à fond et à qui il n’arrive que des ennuis. Quand on est débordé, on fait n’importe quoi et il nous arrive forcément des tuiles, »
Amélie Pichard, i-D France, 12 mars 2018

The Flat bag

15 November 2017

Discover how the the new Amélie Pichard FLAT BAG will help reveal it. Film directed by Bertrand Le Pluard.