Amélie Pichard by Tom Newton

The pichard key dates


Pichard, is like a Disneyland for classy girls.

Pichard, it’s the lipstick on your teeth.

Long live Pichard !

Pichard, it’s another planet.

Pichard, it’s the sand glued to your butt at the beach.

Pichard is fresh.

Pichard, it’s free the nipples.

Pichard’s world is also cat lovers.

Pichard, it’s an “jambon-beurre” sandwich.

Pichard, it’s the freedom of not choosing between style and humour.

Pichard president.

It’s shoes that looks like Amélie, Amélie who doesn’t looks like anyone.

Pichard inspires us to dream the impossible.

Pichard, never where you are expected.

A life without Amélie is like a meal without cheese.