The only thing that gets better when it gets bigger is a penis!*

I created this utopian image because I wanted to draw your attention to our obsession with economic growth and development.

In today’s society, new companies who get big and profitable fast are applauded, no matter the human and environmental cost.

The small companies who don’t want to grow are judged «not ambitious enough».

I want to speak on behalf of small companies who never take the easy route**. Independent brands who want to build a sustainable business that follows respectful values instead of short term greed. Our choice to not to aim for rapid growth is not due to a lack of ambition, but it’s a conscious decision***. We want to find a way to remain humble and agile, adopt practices that minimize our environmental footprint while maximizing our social impact. We want to be able to take the time to think, create and engage instead of focusing on making profits the easy way.

Today, sustainable growth is almost impossible to achieve for young companies. However, I believe that focusing on exponential growth as our North Star belongs to the past.

Insatiable and irresponsible economic growth is tacky.

*title from George Lois
**Never take the easy route to success and profitability. It’s not sustainable.
***I trust in a future where our talent will not be judged by our growth rate.