Temps Libre – 2018

Change season

A film realised by Bertrand Le Pluard

The Pichard woman got hacked.
She is pirated by time, an invading lover.

Slow down, slow down, but how to slow down?
Passiveness or passion, how can we stop time?

To take a break, to do nothing, only simple pleasures, the ones you keep for yourself, the ones you do not share.


Lazy, lazy, in reality she is lazy …
If only she could assume her laziness.
Hard worker? Sure. Too much? Perhaps.


Go to the sea.

She arrives on the port, playing a bourgeoise.
She wants mussels, sea air and nothing.
She dreams of a fisherman or a sailor, a wet and salty Depardieu.
She’ll wait under the lighthouse.
The wind will be her date.

Favorite hobbies?

Letting time pass, against all odds.
Drifting off while remaining on the beach.


Feeling free.

The most important thing in all this?
Finding beauty in the banal.

The mussel.

A totem animal.
Making the mussel.
Clinging to the rock, waiting for the caress of the water.
Becoming a rock.

«To put oneself in the wrong, to expose oneself to the criticism of an environment that is, after all, still terribly well-thought-out and conservative. Passing well above preconceived ideas, and prejudices, dis-playing a penchant for bad reputations.»

She doesn’t do a thing.