Collaboration Pamela Anderson – 2016


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French fashion designer Amélie Pichard and actress/activist Pamela Anderson join forces to revolutionize how we make shoes… in the modern world… Introducing:



Like the rest of her generation, Amelie fell in love with Pamela the moment she saw her on TV back in the 90’s…She soon became her muse, but little did Amelie know that their shared passion for animals would bring them together over a decade later…

Amélie Pichard, an avid animal rights supporter has always dreamt of launching a leather-free shoe line that her vegan idol Pamela Anderson, could wear… In a twist of fate a mutual aquaintence introduced us… Pamela was very flattered and agreed to fund and produce a shoe project that was in line with her founda- tion’s ethical views and mission to protect vulnerable humans, animal and environmental rights…

The goal of this joint venture is to raise awareness for the ethical treatment pf animals through fashion and invest in a sustainable future… At it’s core, this initiative combines innovative research for alternative animal-free materials and cutting-edge design.

«To create a collection with Pamela and all for a great cause is a dream come true for me» says Amelie. In order to support the Vegan Movement… 10% of the proceeds got to The Pamela Anderson Foundation.

To launch the line, Amélie and Pamela are collaborating on a resort collection of shoes and accessories inside by veganism, bohemianism, sex symbols and the 90’s. «Our idea is to make sustainable fashion sexy by playing on the duality of Pamela Anderson, who on one hand is a sex icon, and on the other hand, is a mo- ther a nature lover», adds Amelie.

Going against the fast paced consumerist cyclone of the fashion world, AMELIEPICHARD Vegan will offi- cially become the second line of Maison Amelie Pichard, and will continue to support and draw inspiration from Pamela Anderson and her foundation- we hope for collections to come…

«I am thrilled to be working with Amelie, she has such great style and vision and I trust her enough as a young artist, to invest in her, (and my) dream of sexy Vegan shoes and accessories for ALL women.» Pamela says.

  • Made in France
  • 10% of proceed to Pamela Anderson Foundation Charity 100% Animal Free
  • Sustainable with Alcantara
  • Non-toxic product
  • Our lining is absorbent, breathable and antibacterial

Campaign realized by DAVID LACHAPELLE