Amélie Pichard designer

Amélie Pichard by Tom Newton

«My creative process revolves around clichés and «raw-mantic» stories between men and women».

1983: Amélie was born on the 21st of May, she is Taurus ascendant of Aries.

Her mother was a stenographer and her father was a waiter. She primarily grew up with her mother in the city of where she played with Barbies

until she was 14. To escape the city, Amélie would rejoin her father in the countryside where she became a real tomboy “I used to make huts with traps and throw myself into the nettles with helmet. Today, i keep this paradoxical side. I like juxtapositions!».

In 2008: Fashion designer graduated Amélie is invited to meet with Parisian shoemaker Madame Germaine. “When I went into her workshop in Belleville for the first time, the strong smell of dust, glue and leather sparked my passion for shoemaking and i never wanted to leave.» Amélie reminisces.

2009: She later trains with Eric Lomain, an orthopedic bootmaker : “He welcomed me in his workshop and i took the plunge. He allowed me to tinker and torture the leather, and taught me the basis of manufacturing during six month. Not glamourous but useful.” (The expressStyles, in April, 2011)

The same year she wins the “BATA shoe contest for young Designer”.

2010: Amélie sets the foundations of her unique universe with her collection “American Girl” for Bata. In this collection , she reinterprets retro styles with her trademark mix of irresistible colors and unexpected materials. The French Journalist for L’OFFICIEL and writer Caroline Bongrand describes her as, “Young and streetwise. She is a mix of Marilyn Monroe and the B52’s, with a serious pinch of David Lynch. She is incredibly talented. She is also crazy about America in 50s. We just love what she makes.”

2011: The official AMELIEPICHARD line is launched. The first three collections « New Wave », «Mystery Girl», “Rimmel Melancholic” pursue different fantasies, playing with clichés and inspired by famous muses from the 40s to the 80s. “She has the gift of finding details, with this touch of humor which is all her own and which makes the charm of her accessories. What matters for Amélie, it is not only the product, but moreover the stories that it tells, she creates atmospheres. Fascinated by image, Twin Peaks and big breasts, she draws her inspiration from the photography and the cinema.” (Jalouse in January, 2013)

2012: Le Bon Marché becomes the first store to carry her collection in Paris. In December, she is awarded by the «Grand Prix de la création» by the city of Paris, in the emerging fashion

designers catergory.

2013: ELLE magazine selects her for the competition “ELLE aime la mode” that discovers new talent in fashion.

At the same time, the fifth collection of AMELIEPICHARD, “1983”, lands at Colette and recreates the atmosphere of the cult movie Deep End at the fitting rooms.

2014: AMELIEPICHARD & Garrett Leight collaboration: L.A meets PARIS is an eyewear collection designed by Garrett Leight for AMELIEPICHARD composed of three timeless sunglasses.

2015: Le Coq Sportif collaboration. Amelie revisits two LCS iconics sneakers models.

AMELIEPICHARD collaborates with Opening Ceremony U.S. for her Fall- Winter 1516 Collection. Launches the AMELIEPICHARD Fall-Winter 1516 campaign in exclusivity.

2016: AMELIEPICHARD will launch her second line, AMELIEPICHARD Vegan, in partnership with her iconic muse PAMELA ANDERSON. In order to support the vegan movement, the proceeds from the line will go to the PETA-approved Pamela Anderson Foundation:

Amélie and Pamela will collaborate on a resort collection of shoes and accessories inspired by veganism, boheminism, sex symbols and the ‘90’s. “Our idea is to make sustainable fashion sexy by playing on the duality of Pamela Anderson, who on one hand is a sex icon, and on the other hand, is a mother and nature lover”, says Amélie.


“I started by drawing naked women with big boobs at age 9, and now I make my campaigns with naked women who have big boobs at the age of 30.”

Meet the french shoe designer who cites Pamela Anderson as her muse.

It is rare to find a brand that can execute and glorify overt, almost-cliché sexuality while simultaneously pulling it out from under you, but Pichard has mastered this technique with her geriatric-style lace up loafers: the ostensible preferred footwear choice of podiatrists, and pointed-toe, high heel mules reminiscent of the kind of bedroom slippers you might find on an ingenue-gone-bad — an emblem of seduction. In her world, the podiatrist and the vixen dance together as though veiled by the same filter.


“My universe always brushes past bad taste, but it never actually goes there,” she noted of her out-there inspirations.

Being the vivid storyteller she is, Pichard places great emphasis on her campaigns. Her models are usually naked, posing strategically with her brightly colored bags and shoes. “I like things frank and bold,” Pichard said, noting that styling often overshadows her message. “I love playing with clichés such as the image of objectified women conveyed with a certain machismo that I’m [making] fun of,” she added. “My shoes reflect this contradiction by offering comfortable [styles] with new, atypical and dangerous materials—qualities men fantasize about.”

«My shoes are slightly unorthodox yet wearable, sexy but casual, vintage but unmistakably urban». Amélie Pichard.